Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What it's really like to have a basketball team in your house....

So I don't actually have a basketball team, but I have enough players to make a basketball team. Not that they understand the game or could play anytime soon, but it feels as though my five kids have enough energy to play the game.  Especially this one.....

In one day, my little Huckleberry Pie dumped an extra large box of Nerds all over my tile floor, in which I will probably be finding little nerds under my sofa in three months from now! He then continued on and put a crayon in my dryer, which I didn't find until AFTER I had washed Anne's clothes and had red crayon smeared all over them. Praise Jesus for Oxi Clean, which took it out! And then he also put potatoes in my dryer. After learning to check the dryer with the crayon incident, I did find the aforementioned potatoes before they became baked! But it's hard to stay mad at the little boy. He is, after all, the lone boy in the bunch.

Anne is doing well. It's hard to believe she will already be three weeks this Friday. Time is just flying by so quickly. My mom came the Monday after Anne was born, and my dad and brother came out a few days later......

There was lots of singing, dancing, playing instruments, wrestling, swinging, and baby time. The days went much too quick. My mom's time is ending this week. Different times I ask myself how in the world I will do this on my own, but we will find a new rhythm to our days as we go along. I should try not to look much further ahead then a day at a time. And my husband has finished all the baling and the corn will be planted by the end of the week, so he shouldn't be as busy either, until barley harvest at the end of the month.

So I must be content with life moving slower, making sure kids are given the attention they need, baby is settling into routine, and this mommy is getting more rest. That is the hardest for me to adjust to; the not as much sleep. :)

But the kids are doing great with Anne Noelle, and I am so thankful that the adjustment in that way hasn't been too hard.  But that is what is new around here. The house project has been moving slow, but our steel roof has arrived and we are waiting on installation. The HVAC guy is out today to install our unit too. I will start getting more excited once we get the drywall done and I can start painting! But progress is being made. Hopefully I will have more pictures of that soon.

Hope you all have a great week!

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