Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer days.....

Last night I noticed my kids had put on their rain boots....this could only mean one thing. They were playing in the mud.  Out here in Arizona, we must water our yard, everyday, because we live in the desert and we are hitting triple digits right now. The water runs off the yard and pools at the bottom of the driveway, making a nice mud hole for the children to play in.

I have been trying real hard to have a good attitude about this mud hole. It provides long playing time for the kids. And they are outside, not inside begging to watch TV. So last night I posted on a Facebook a status "Thou shalt not be mad when the kids are outside playing in the least they are outside." (or something to that effect).

OH! If only I could have seen what the outcome was going to be....

I didn't realize we had our own spa here at the Zuck's! We are now offering exfoliating mud baths at a very reasonable price!

I must confess I didn't have on my happy face when I found this poor boy! His over zealous sisters decided he needed a full on mud bath. I will be washing sheets today because I am pretty sure there will still be little particles of dirt on his pillow. Not that dirt hurts anyone. I just prefer not to sleep in a crusty bed, so I am thinking he might like a clean bed as well.  I also made sure the girls understood that if they ever coated their brother in mud like that again....this mama would be coating them in mud....which, surprise, surprise! They didn't' like the sound of that.

Oh summer, summer....thou art so messy!!!!!

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