Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finally done!

I have finally finished painting my cabinets. I have a little bit of touch up work here and there, but overall, I am done. Now I think I want to reorganize my cabinets! It never stops......
Anyway, here it is.....

I took the doors off of these cabinets. I kept my "pretty" dishes up here and then would forget about them. Now this way they are seen and if I want to use them, it's not so inconvenient.

I'd like to do the same to these cabinets above the stove and put my cookbooks in there. But there is a exhaust pipe in the cabinets for the fan, which doesn't work anyway. So I am not sure I can convince Nate to help me rip that out. I love the look of open cabinets, however it does make you have to keep them organized!

Last picture. I think I might need to find a red rug or something to pop againt the tile and cabinet color. I guess a week isn't too bad! Painting cabinets is a LOT of work, and I am hoping this is the last time I get the urge to paint them! I've painted them three times since moving down here to this house five years ago! Now I guess I need to find something else to paint......

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Can we say nesting phase?

My brain has been keeping me up at night, insisting that I need to repaint my kitchen, mainly my backsplash and cabinets. yes, I know this is a lot of work, and yet my brain would not let me rest. So, here is the project I am starting.....

Here is a glimpse of my hardworking husband on the phone! :) And the backsplash was stained wainscoting, and I am now painting it Malibu Sand.

The island I am not sure about. I don't know if I should paint it the color of the backsplash, or the color of the cabinets, which will be a cool tan color. I have to pick that up tomorrow at Lowe's. My husband just shakes his head at me, like "do you realize how much work this will be?" Yes and no. About halfway through I will hate myself and want to quit. But if I don't do it, I will sit and look at my cabinets and think how much better they would look if I had painted them. I can't win! I will show you the cabinet color over the next few days. Besides, I gotta fill my evenings with some project while the husband is trucking, right?

Friday, May 14, 2010

What we've been up to.....

I have some pictures I've been wanting to upload for a while, and I am finally getting to it. Here's a little of what we've been doing around here the last couple weeks....

Larissa turned six. This is our little family get together to celebrate. She loves to smile for the camera....and I am not sure about that little nixie smile of her sister's! What's Alaina thinking??

She told me that afternoon she wanted a swather on her cake....only a farm girl! And I told her very quickly that she asked way too late, and mommy isn't talented enough to do stuff like that! :)

Here are the rest of the girl cousins, watching Larissa blow out the candles.

And then here is our new addition to our farm. Yes, we bought a yellow semi. Nate's dad calls it the "bumblebee", I think I prefer "yellow jacket"...it sounds a little tougher, don't you think? Nate came in on a Saturday night around five and asked if I wanted to take a trip to Kansas to pick this up. We left at 3 am the next morning. Nothing like a little advanced notice, right? And all the girls came along too. They are AWESOME travelers.

Here's our flower bed I planted last weekend. As you can see, there is one gerber daisy that didn't make it. But there is a little green leaf coming up, so I am going to keep it there and see if something new starts growing. I need to mulch it yet, and then it will look prettier.

One of the gerber daisies the girls picked out. I just love the color. They are so pretty!

And we also added these. We had 23 meat birds before good friends of ours relieved us of 13 of them! Thank you Mike and Emily!!! Now we only have 10 to butcher in about a month!

Here is one of our peach trees. We are actually going to get some peaches this year!! I am so excited.

And here are the sunflowers the girls planted, as a "science" project for school. I can't wait for them to bloom. Sunflowers are some of my FAVORITE flowers! So, this is a little bit of what we've been up to. Spring is here and the weather is finally warming up. Now if only my allergies will stay at bay until after the baby is born and I can medicate myself!!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Something new

I was reading a new blog that I have found and she has something on there called "A Daybook". I thought the idea behind it is really interesting. It's a series of sentences that you finish with your own thoughts. So I thought I'd try it today.....

For today  May 6, 2010
Outside my window...the breeze is blowing, the hummingbirds are fighting over the feeder, the dog is stretched out for an afternoon nap in the sun, and my roses are blooming
I am thinking....how I love to watch the curtains flutter in the breeze, how I should be getting my girls up from their naps, but the quietness of the house is so nice!
I am thankful for....a man who has a purpose and is driven. He is such a hard worker, and I am so blessed to have him, for healthy children, a home, a porch swing, fresh air, clean water, a new day, grace
From the learning room... we are almost finished reading the Wizard of Oz in school. It was the first time I had ever read the orginial piece of literature. And it was quite different then the musical.
From the kitchen....I made cobbler this morning with fresh blackberries....and fresh lemonade! YUM! And lunch was prepared in my trusty crockpot. Oh, how I love thee! I love days where the meal seems to make itself.
I am reading....Take Three, by Karen Kingsbury. I've had it for months and am finally sitting down to read it.
I am hoping....that my children will grow up loving Jesus. Totally. That has really been on my heart lately, just thinking about the future and what our kids will be when they grow up.
I am hearing....praise music playing softly in the background, the fan that is on in the living room because it's kind of stuffy, but I am refusing to turn on the cooler yet, and the sound of my oldest playing. She woke up!
Around the house....I am wanting to plant some flowers outside, spread some beauty around, finish organizing the baby's room, and wash off my porch.
One of my favorite things....sitting outside early in the morning, drinking a cup of coffee, watching the sun come up over the mountain and the smell of fresh cut hay!
A few plans for the rest of the week....attending my nieces school program tonight, walk for life on Saturday, Mother's Day Sunday!
Here is a picture thought I am sharing...I need some time to think about this one. The creative juices are just not flowing at the moment!

On a side note, just had my 28 week appointment yesterday. I had to get my finger pricked to check my blood for gestational diabetes. Which, I am glad to report, is not a problem! I just can't believe that now I am going to be going every two weeks! It feels like this has just flown by. Of course, June hasn't arrived yet in all it's hotness, and then there's the humidity of monsoon season to look forward to. But just the same, time keeps marching on!
My mom and dad have the plane tickets to come the last day of July, and I am so excited. I knew they were coming, but the fact that they have their tickets means it's for sure! Now we just have to pray that baby comes on time, and not overdue!!!!