Friday, November 16, 2012


Oh, this has been a week!!! I don't even know where to begin. Life has just been feeling crazy for the last several weeks. And I notice when I start to feel overwhelmed, I begin to play the "if only" game. Like, "If only we were moved into our new house, I wouldn't have to walk out and turn the switch for the water to come back on..." "If only we were moved into our house, I would be more organized and the house would be cleaner, because obviously it's much easier to keep a "new" house cleaner then a not so new one.."..."If only the hay buyer would pay us from two months back, I would be able to get caught up on bills, and not be biting my fingers down to nothing!!!" You get the gist.....discontentment wells up big time in my heart and I take it out on my kids, my man, and my fingers!!! But God is showing me that until I learn to be content in my circumstances now, I won't ever be content in my circumstances later, when the trial has passed. Look for the gifts in the midst of the storm. God is continually blessing, always blessing, even when I am NOT blessing or deserve the blessing.
I could tell my frustration has reached the boiling point because I am getting mad at my children over things they can't control. And then I explode and then have to apologize later because I have been preaching to my kids they don't need to yell to express themselves, and then here is mom doing the exact thing she told them not to do. You may be surprised to know this sad little truth about me....but I am a YELLER! And I hate that about myself. It's something I am really trying to get a handle on, but it just bubbles out, more like a tidal wave, and I find myself raising my voice. Parenting is one of the most humbling jobs EVER!!! I think my job is to mold and shape my childrens' character and more often then not, they are molding and shaping mine. Bringing to the surface all kinds of junk I don't want to deal with. I am just preaching to myself.
Since this is November, I thought I would name some of things I am thankful for....the little gifts throughout the day I have been finding. I am still keeping my list. I just haven't been blogging about it. I reached 1000 a couple of months ago. It felt like a big milestone! :) So, just to remind myself to breathe and  slow down.....

fireplace on
pjs in the afternoon
flannel sheets
boy going potty!!!!
butterflies breaking out of cocoons
last field of hay for the season
corn harvest over
activities slowing down
inching closer to moving day (Praise Him!)
encouraging talk with sister
making Christmas plans
carpet being installed
washer and dryer delivered (no more duct tape)
kids all bathed
afternoon quiet
quick forgiveness from  my middle child
hard lessons on patience & self control (grin)
being humbled
baby girl sitting up ( all ready!!!!)
learning contentment (please let it be a short lesson!)
school on the blanket
Thankgiving tree

I cannot believe Thanksgiving Where is the year going? My baby girl will be SIX months old in two days!!! Trying to remember to be thankful and content.......

Friday, November 9, 2012


I know it's been a while since I have's not as if there hasn't been anything going on. I just haven't had the time to sit down and write anything. That's not really true....there's a lot of times where I feel as though I don't have anything to say....
But I did want to share a really neat thing from over at A Holy Experience. Ann Voskamp is offering a Thanksgiving Tree. You can download the pdf and cut out your leaves. The leaves have bible verses on one side and you can write what you are thankful for on the other....

It's a great way to get the kids thinking about things they are thankful for and the bountiful way God blesses us each and every day. The link is

In other news....the boy is potty training! And praise the Lord he is so much easier than his sisters! I am so thankful. This is one of my least favorite parts of toddlerdom. But he is making it a breeze. And running me out of M&Ms! But hey, whatever works, right?

My baby girl is just growing like a weed. She will be six months this month. Half a year old. I can still remember every detail of her birth like it was yesterday. It seems unreal how time is just flying by.

I got bored the other night and cut my bangs. I have inherited expressive face lines. That's a fancy way of saying I've got lotsa lines on my forehead. I thought it might be nice to hide them, hence the bangs. Now I need to get my hair highlighted to cover up all my grays. Not that I am stressed or anything....

The house is moving along S L O W L Y. We are ready for carpet except we have been waiting on closet doors for the last two months. Yes, TWO months!!!! I won't say from where, but now it looks as though they should be in Black Friday. Who wants to go pick up closet doors on Black Friday? Not this girl. You couldn't get me within five miles of a store on Black Friday. Guess it's good I live at least 30 miles from any store!!! :)

I think the reason I haven't had anything to write about is because I haven't been reading any mind stretching books lately. That could be because I have all my books packed up because I thought we'd be moved by now!!! Of course, I have been trying to read my Bible everyday, although I totally missed the last week of October. My mind should be stretched by reading that alone, however I think my approach to my Bible reading is wrong. I rarely pray before getting into the Word and ask God to show me something new. I need to start doing that. God's Word is alive and I need to approach it that way. Not in a familiar, nonchalant, indifferent way.

We are supposed to get really cold this weekend and possibly get snow up in the mountains. I put flannel sheets on all the beds in anticipation. I heart flannel sheets. They are so cozy and comfy. Too bad I live in the high desert where we hardly ever get snow. I love all the cold weather clothes but by lunchtime out here you are ready to break out the tank tops.

One of my oldest friends, we've known each other since 3rd grade (her) , fourth grade (me) is coming to visit me tomorrow! She's expecting her 4th in February and I can't wait to see her in all her pregnancy glory. I miss these things because we don't live near each other. I wish Pennsylvania was New Mexico. Life would be so much more convenient.

Well, my baby is starting to stir, so I must go. Have a great weekend!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Somebody felt like showing off...

Just wanted to share these pictures I caught from the other morning......

cotton candy morning

it's so rare to see a sunrise with clouds hanging around

here comes the sun!

just awesome!
These last few weeks have been crazy with just keeping up with life! Anne hasn't been sleeping so well lately either, so it makes the days feel extra long. I wish those new teeth would come through already! But the other morning I was able to get up before the sun and saw this beautiful sight. There is something so peaceful about being able to sit on your porch, coffee in hand, watching the sun come up over the mountain. God gives us this glorious wake up call every morning.....just wish I was in the frame of mind to enjoy it more often!!! He NEVER disappoints......

Alaina turns 7

Time is just flying by this fall. I had every intention of getting birthday pics and a birthday tribute done LAST weekend, but here it is, over a week later!

Our sweet Alaina turned 7 last Saturday, the 13th. I can't believe it. I was pregnant with her when we moved into this house, and in the next few weeks we will be moving. It's kinda bittersweet. Lots of good memories here...four babies born here. But Alaina was our first and oh, what a time it was. She was and is our only baby born without our midwife present! She talked dad through everything on her cell phone as she was flying down Davis Road to get here! You can read more here. But everything went perfectly and we have had the privilege of having Alaina in our family these last seven years.....

Our  birthday girl requested spice cupcakes with nutella buttercream frosting. For those of you who pinterest, you may have seen the recipe floating around. Well, we tried it, and it was good!

spice cupcakes with nutella frosting

Our sweet birthday girl!

He's just here for the cake!

Happy Birthday to you!

Singing to the birthday girl

Grandpa teasing her with blowing out the match

She got it!

We had a fun evening with Grandpa & Grandma Zuck. Life has been crazy around here with harvest, house and everything else going on. It was nice to just hang out and be silly. :)
Alaina got an adventure backpack for her birthday which includes a sketchbook, magnifying glass, binoculars, flower press, butterfly net, and field books for identifying birds, insects and wildflowers. She and her sisters have been out catching bugs and butterflies to examine more closely. She also received a butterfly pavilion which we now have 12 caterpillars in which we are watching. They will turn into Painted Lady butterflies.

We love you sweet Alaina. You are so fun, very laid back, and we couldn't imagine life without you. Happy Birthday!!!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Farmer's Favorite Time of Year....

Yes, we have begun the most favorite time of year around here.....HARVEST!!!

My father in law is running the combine, my husband is driving the tractor and cart

My father in law is retiring this I am sure it's somewhat bittersweet.

Landon waiting his turn to ride

Big sister just got done with her turn

Love this picture of him watching

Landon has become very attached to his "mammer". It goes everywhere with him...even to bed!

Here they come!

Love that picture of the harvest with the mountains in the background.

Filling up

Like father, like son.
Harvest is probably one of the most anticipated times of the year for a farmer. You get to bring in all that hard work and see how you've done. All those hours of working ground, planting, fertilizing, watering, and babysitting pivots is finally over! The kids look forward to combine and tractor rides. I look forward to being able to see again and not be enclosed by corn on all sides! :)  Plus it means the winding down of another year. The morning starts aren't as early, and the work day isn't as long. I especially like that!

But that's what's going on 'round here....for probably the next month or so. Then it's the holiday season. All ready!!! Time is just a flyin' by.....

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Update on the House

Hey's been a while since I've mentioned the house remodel. We are mostly done painting, the kitchen has been installed (minus appliances), and the tile is being laid as we speak. (or as I write!) The countertop company was out today to make a template and hopefully in two weeks the countertop will be in the kitchen. Here are some pictures....

Girls room. We will probably be adding white beadboard to the bottom half of the wall. 

Double closets for the girls! :)

Landon's room

Landon's bathroom.

Living room. The flooring is tile that looks like hardwood.

The color is mahogany. The glare here makes it kind of hard to see, but it matches pretty close to the doors and windows.

Kitchen! Love my farmhouse sink!

Cooktop goes here.

Pantry and micro/oven combo

Overlooking into living room

So this is what we have. Because the tile was being laid in front of our master bedroom/bath, I don't have pictures of that yet. The end room, which will be my laundry is the holding room for everything else, so that will be the last room we do. But it's coming together. We are doing tile in the kitchen, living, dining, hall and the kids bathrooms. Our doors will hopefully be coming in next week. I am hoping to be able to move by the end of the month, but that will depend on my husband. They will start harvesting in earnest here before too long and he will be less available. All in due time. But it actually feels as though we might get to actually LIVE in the space.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The night I fell....

This past weekend we saw cooler temps during the day and evening. Saturday night we decided to have our first campfire of the fall season.....

Daddy and his boy

Larissa continuing the tradition of telling stories

Alaina & Charlotte with their buddy, Clark

love watching a fire at night

He's mesmerized by the flames

Alaina's turn

This November will be ten years. Time has just flown by!

Singing for us

Mmmmm! Marshmallows and the girl without her front teeth!

We love fall!

Our roasters

Love this boy like crazy...and sometimes he drives me crazy!
Landon started to get tired so I put him to bed. Anne was sleeping in the crib in his room, so I picked her up after I put him down. I wanted to feed her one last time before I went to bed and wanted her up for a little bit. I got her bundled up to go outside. I walked outside and down the sidewalk. There was no moon and the night sky was cloudy (do you see where this is going?). I missed the step at the end of the walk. Yup. I totally biffed it. I fell down, twisted my right ankle bad, banged my left knee up, but somehow, through the grace of God, kept baby Anne Noelle up so she didn't hit her head or get hurt. She did cry but I think the whole fall scared her.
I lay there for a second, wondering what just happened. Then I had to call for help because I was afraid to walk with Anne. Luckily the girls came running over and helped me up and our friend, Clark, took the baby for me. I hobbled over to the fire and sat down. My ankle hurt but didn't feel too bad. I got some pictures of Anne at the fire....

All in all, she wasn't that impressed! I think the flames kind of overstimulated her. She was ready to go in after a few minutes. Nate carried her in for me, still in disbelief at how I missed the end step. It's only been there for the last five years! :) He was in the house getting a cup of coffee when I had my mishap and missed the whole thing.
After I got Anne down the bed, took a shower and sat down, I noticed my ankle starting to swell and throb in pain. I could move my toes and could rotate my ankle, so I was thinking it was probably just a bad sprain.
So that's where I am today. I am still hobbling a little. My ankle is still swollen some, and the skin is starting to bruise. I have been trying to keep it up ( with five kids and homeschooling that happens) and I have been rubbing arnica on it. I never realized how often people step on my feet until I got hurt. I am hoping it will be better soon, because we could be painting  next week. Yes, I said PAINTING!!!! Can you tell I am excited? It's finally feeling "for real". We might actually be moving into this thing! I have not forgotten about my "project restoration", it was just slow going. But the drywall guy should finish this week. I already have my paint! :)
And this is totally for my are the colors. The lighting is probably not the best, but it's the best I could do...
Martha Stewart China Green Marble, this will be in our south room, which is my laundry/office/TV room. There will be expose brick on the other three walls.

MS Cayenne: hallway and girls bathroom

MS Buckwheat Flour: this is kitchen/dining/living

MS Arrowroot & MS Salt Glaze: darker color is our bedroom, lighter color our bathroom

MS Thistle Blue: Landon's room

MS Plum Pudding: girls room
After much going back and forth we decided to go with white trim and doors. We are wood people, but honestly, we didn't want to do the extra work of staining and polying. Especially because mistakes are much more noticeable.  Our ceiling color is Behr's Antique White. All my colors are from Home Depot. Martha Stewart has this awesome symbol system, where you pick a color you like and then find colors with the same symbol and those colors go together! That was one thing I always struggled with; picking colors that go together. This made is SO much easier.
Hopefully I will have actual rooms to show soon!