Monday, April 15, 2013


On a beautiful Sunday morning, our firstborn was washed in the water. She had already been washed in the blood, but had decided she was ready to be baptized. As with anything new, there is a fear. And our girl was afraid of going under.

I wasn't sure what to say or how to help her overcome this fear. Sometimes we must just do what scares us most. Trusting that Jesus will meet us. I prayed with her, and she still was feeling nervous, and honestly, inside I was thinking "Really? Today is the's already been can you change your mind right before?" But instead of voicing those thoughts, God gave me words....and I am so thankful He did because the last thing I wanted to do was push or make her feel pressured. This had to be her choice.
I quietly told her that by being baptized you are making a public confession of faith, and that this was the perfect opportunity to put into practice trusting in Jesus. That she should imagine Pastor Jake as Jesus holding her up in the water. I love watching our children overcome their fears. And she has overcome so much in the last few weeks. She had her first big performance in dance in a school music production and then this. And she did it. She overcame those fears. It's such a privilege and joy to watch the determination and faith of our children.
She came out of the water shaking, in relief and also the exhilaration of having met a fear, facing it, and defeating it. Being at the place of stepping out in faith can be one of the most fearful, yet exciting places to be...because you are asking, needing, expecting Jesus to show up......and He does.