Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday....

For today......Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Outside my window.....the sun has risen, covering the mountains with a hazy glow. Distant thunder to the southwest, grass extra dewy from a rain we received last night.

I am good my coffee tastes this morning, how much I have to do today.

I am thankful for....a little boy pushing a tractor around on the floor, making "vroom" noises, all the corn I have to cut this morning, a freezer I need to reorganize to make room for it all, sleeping girls back the hall, a hardworkin' man.

From the learning room.....going to cut squares today to teach the girls how to make nine patch pillows

From the kitchen....roast in the crockpot, going to be cutting corn most of the morning

I am reading..... "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp, and starting "The Hole in Our Gospel" by Richard Stearns, and am halfway through "Lies Women Believe" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Good stuff.

I am get it all done today with a cheerful, loving, kind, patient attitude!

I am hearing....water boiling on the stove, worship music on the computer, a hungry little boy pulling at my dress!

Around the house....I need to vacuum, pick up a gallon of milk to feed our two new hungry kittens, finish mowing, wash my floors....shall I go on? :)

One of my favorite growing list of 1000 gifts that I started keeping. You should try it. It will instill an ever present attitude of thankfulness.

A few plans for the rest of the, laundry, schooling, and just LIVING!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing....


the joyful potter said...

I love your "whimsical Wednesday" idea - perfect for transmitting a taste of your everyday. Is it copyrighted (or can I steal it)? :D

Laura said...

Thanks Lorena! You may steal it, I actually borrowed it from someone else! :)