Sunday, August 21, 2011


The other evening we lost power. Our lights went off about 7:30. There was a big storm to the west of us. Unfortunately, we never received any rain, but we did enjoy a quiet, simple evening with the kids. At first the kids couldn't understand why we still couldn't watch television, turn on a light, or play on the computer. During these times you realize how co-dependent you have become on technology to "entertain" you. It was actually quite freeing, to just have nothing to do, no other option, but to sit and listen. It's amazing how quiet it is, especially in the country, when there is no humming of electronics in the background. No swamp cooler blowing cool air, no refrigerator running, no dishwasher, nothing. We sat by candlelight, talking, teaching the girls our favorite old hymns. They formed an impromptu band, playing guitar, drums, maracas, and tambourine. We put them to bed by candlelight, whispered prayers, gave kisses, and went back to sit in the quiet. Our windows were open for air flow, and we just sat in silence, hearing the wind rustling the leaves on the trees outside. It was glorious. It was peaceful. We talked about how "back in the day" this is why everyone went to bed early. They couldn't really see to do anything else without straining the eyes! But they took more joy in the simple things of life. The rising of the moon, the stars twinkling out their first hellos of the evening, the crickets calling to one another, the cool breezes of evening, the soft flicker of candlelight. All little gifts that the Lord bestows on us. We should have more evenings like that!
Here are some more of the "gifts" I have seen during this past week......

15. delightful giggle of girls playing with their dad
16. a long drive home with a friend
17. corn on the cob
18. bread baking
19. hummingbirds darting and playing evening lit by candlelight
21. singing favorite hymns
22. "I love yous" whispered in the dark
23. eating the corner brownies
24. stillness of early morning" target="_blank">" >


Christina said...

Love #22! It is weird to be without power but it gives a different perspective on things. Thanks for sharing your fun list.

Melanie {} said...

I love this! what a beautiful list of thanks. So glad I stopped by!