Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday's Photos from the Farm

It's been raining here....the grass is growing, the flowers and corn are taking off, and the kids have discovered MUD!

This week I thought my photos from the farm would be devoted to the "farm kid". The kid who the great outdoors is their candy store. A land of exploring and pretending. 

I grew up on a dairy farm. We had lots of room to run and play. We had random forts and hideaways. My school friends enjoyed coming out to the farm because we had space. We could play capture the flag, basketball, kickball, football, lay on the hill and count the stars at night. We could set off fireworks and have bonfires. And we ate our meals together. I will never forget one summer I had friends over during the day and they couldn't get over that we ate lunch together as a family. I didn't know any differently.

the "Pond"

raft the kids built

splashing in the water

swimming hole?

don't they look like a fun bunch?
I am thrilled that my kids get to enjoy the same freedom. They aren't afraid to get outside and get a little dirty. They enjoy collecting frogs and tadpoles. They like to feel the mud squish between their toes. They build homes for the little worms that come to the surface after a good rain (yuck), but at least they (the worms) stay outside! 

....just a few perks of being a farm kid....

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Anonymous said...

I remember all 4 of you riding inner tubes in the rushing rain water....I miss the giggles and screams!! Mom