Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday's Photos from the Farm....

Is it Friday again, all ready?!? We are in full swing monsoon around here....

thunderhead building in the afternoon out my back door

raining down at the south farm
isn't that cool? My hubby took this..
looking for some mud

sunset out my back door

The clouds are awesome this time of year. There really is no other word to describe them. You can see a tiny puff of white in the morning over the Chiricahua's and by lunchtime it's this huge, anvil shaped cloud with amazing height.

We have been getting rain the last few days. Last night we did get some hail as well, which isn't desired. We have a half circle of corn that got hit pretty hard, but we will just have to wait and see how bad the damage is. At least it's just a half circle and not everything! :)

With monsoonal rain comes life. I love the rain. I love watching the desert come to life, hills and roadsides green up. You see the occasional wildflowers and poppies springing up alongside the road. The corn seems to grow a foot overnight.

The downside is the mud. Oh, the mud. if there are puddles of water within 50 feet of the house, our kids will find them. I don't mind them playing in the mud as much as I mind the cleaning it up later. But you can't have one without the other.....and if you want to see the wild woman in me unleashed, just trek mud across my just cleaned floors! :)

But I do love you monsoon.....just please don't hail on our corn again!

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