Monday, October 11, 2010

How to make your home up

I linking up today over at Women Living Well. Today's challenge is to play peaceful, worshipful music in your home today, and to speak in a quiet, calm voice. I also have my candle lit from last week's challenge. I love the smell of fall wafting through my house this beautiful fall morning!
On my stereo I have playing some of my favorite. I love Travis Cottrell's cd, Jesus Saves. Every song on the CD speaks to me in some way. I wrote about that CD before, here. I also have a CD from Gateway Worship, and a group of 4 CDs called Home Again, I found them on the CBD website. They are very calming, acoustic praise and worship CDs. I used to have music playing throughout the house all day, but when I started homeschooling last year, I got out of the habit because I wanted to limit the distractions for my daughter, since her two younger sisters were enough of one! :) But we are taking this week off because my cousin is coming to visit for the week, so the music will play! I love to put all my CDs in and let them be shuffled. It's amazing how in the afternoon when the kids are laying down, God meets me in my living room. I don't know what song will play next, and just when I need it, He creates the best playlist. I love those moments.
This morning I was laying in bed and heard my girls just after six, so the speaking calmly and peacefully will be a challenge! I have already had a few spats this morning because three little girls got up too early, but hopefully I will be more intentional today about watching my tongue. I'll let ya know!

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