Thursday, October 21, 2010

11 weeks

Here is our 11 week old boy!! He is growing way too fast. I expect him to start laughing any day. Sometimes we can get a little giggle out of him and then he smiles and looks a little confused as to what he was trying to do. And I think he is going to start waking up cooing soon as well, which is so nice. I hate to hear him waking up crying.

This picture is of Landon in the Philly's cap my mom got for him. It's a little too big yet, but it won't be long until it fits. Maybe in time for our big trip back to Pennsylvania for Christmas!

I am just loving all the free smiles he is throwing our way right now. It's so fun when they can interact with you. Only thing is, this boy is nosey! I don't remember my girls being so curious at this young of an age. I thought that happened when they were a little older. Landon will stop his feeding to look around if he hears his sisters. And my heart just melts when he stops nursing and smiles because he hears their voices, or his daddy. So sweet! We are just loving our baby. In fact, Alaina has been telling me multiple times a day that she wants a baby sister. Now. Like yesterday. I tried to explain to her that she has a baby sister and her name is Charlotte. But no, she wants herself a little baby. I also tried to explain to her that babies don't stay small, that they grow. To which she looked shocked, and then disappointed. Lets not rush this Alaina!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much he and Charlotte look alike!! And if he is 11 weeks that makes Haidyn 17 weeks....goes way to fast!


Laura said...

It does go so fast! I have to remember to enjoy it more and not get caught up in all the things I didn't get done! :)