Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More gifts....

I have been writing down my gifts for over a month now. I have been noticing an ebb and flow to my gift listing. When I am feeling rushed, stressed and overwhelmed, my list doesn't grow as quickly. But when I am feeling caught up, and rested, my list expands quickly. When I am feeling most stressed is when I should be looking for my gifts, slowing down to find them. I need to remember that. sigh. So much growing left to do.....here are the next few on my list!

129. a good night's sleep after being up the night before sick
130. children playing nicely
131. brave boy getting shots
132. playing uno with the girls
133. hearing how helpful the girls were for Grandma
134. new cookbooks
135. decluttering
136. quiet evening of reading
137. His promise to never leave us
138. a fun game of Dutch Blitz
139. listening to favorite hymns
140. hitting all the lights green on the way to church
141. corporate prayer
142. agreeing in prayer with Nate
143. forgiveness
144. Jesus paid it all
145. our little family
146.  hope
147. cloudy mornings
148. trees loaded down with fruit
149. lunch with friends
150. popcorn on the stove
151. birds calling to each other early in the gray morning
152. smell of a campfire
153. sticky fingers
154. excited girls
155. telling stories around the fire
156. watching the flickering lights dance across the faces of my loved ones
157. hearing the sound of him coming home
158. first stars
159. half moon
160. rain through the night

Keep looking for the gifts....sometimes I would love to know how many I  miss. Open my eyes further Lord...let me see all Your goodness!

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Jeane` said...

"A fun game of Dutch Blitz"...of course! What could be more fun than that?!?! :) In fact, I'm going on three years now hosting a "Dutch Blitz Bonanza" at my home every winter..and boy, does the noise level in our house skyrocket with all those serious competitors there! What fun!

Thank you for sharing your grateful heart! A truly timely reminder for all of us to be careful to give thanks!

Laura said...

Playing Dutch Blitz is one of the few times where I feel like I could become physically violent toward my husband! :) The smack talking that goes around that table!