Tuesday, September 13, 2011

All is Grace

It's Tuesday and I still haven't done my post to link up to A Holy Experience! Life has been CRAZY. There is the potential for a big time change and we are just waiting on the Lord and trying to seek His direction these days. We should always live that way. But sometimes, when you get into a routine, you relax. You let things slide. You forget. And then...WHAM! God reminds you Who is in charge. I found with life getting busier, I wasn't slowing down to see the gifts. My mind was just going to the next thing I had to get done. Check it off my list. But while I was hurrying to check things off, I was becoming short, sarcastic, impatient...anything but grace-filled, you know what I am saying? Like your kids look at you like you grew another head.  Looking for gifts is a habit....a discipline, if you will. But this simple act can totally change your outlook, your perspective on life. So here are the next on my list.....

101. chocolate chip cookie dough
102. baking cookies
103. smell of rain in the air
104. naptime
105. dishwasher
106. washing dishes and looking out my window
107. red geraniums
108. reading other gift lists
109. kittens lapping up their milk
110. messy house (means there was living going on, right? :)
111. dirty floors
112. hammock
113. relaxing in the hammock
114. feeling the gentle breeze kiss my cheeks
115. watching three determined little girls try to climb a tree
116. two little girls in their ballet outfits
117. beautiful sunset
118. sun breaking through the clouds
119. blue and pink tinged sky
120. vanilla creamer
121. hazelnut coffee
122. smells of fall
123. eating cookies
124. reading library books to the girls
125. snuggling with a sick little girl
126. quilts hanging on the washline
127. putting sun warmed quilts back on the bed
128. his smile meant only for me
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the joyful potter said...

I love how "hammock" comes right after "dirty floors". ;)