Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Photos from the Farm....

We have a new member of the Dude! He defines his name....very cool, laid back, relaxed, doesn't get excited, unless you get in the way of his dried beet pulp! Autumn has a friend, and she seems really happy about that. It's so nice to see two grazing outside.

love seeing girls in dresses with cowboy boots!

Part of the girls chores is to feed the animals. Anne is getting an early start. She likes bending down and picking up the hay and throwing it piece by piece in the feeder. The kids had their first lesson on him yesterday and it went really well. We have some timid riders who he will be great with, and the other two will be able to switch between. And I will be able to start learning how to ride! I climbed up on him before we bought him and  could understand why one of our daughters is a little uneasy. It's high! And when I look down I just think how much it will hurt falling off! :)

But that's what's new around the farm....I want to post some pics of my farmer working on his combine. Maybe next week. Harvest is just around the corner.....

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