Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Photos from the Farm

Several weeks ago we got away to Rucker Canyon. We hadn't been away as a family for a quite a while. Farming isn't a 9-5 job, but a lifestyle. It's not something you can turn off at the end of the day. At least farming with irrigation. When you dry land farm, you plant and let the rain water your crops. With irrigation, you have pivots to make sure are running and aren't getting stuck and flooding a field.

We had received a decent amount of rainfall so that most of our pivots were off, so we escaped up into the mountains. It's hard to believe this is only about 45 minutes or so from home..... 

Anne chowing down on watermelon

feeling like a big girl

watermelon is so good. especially in the mountains!

someone wasn't feeling so social

It was beautiful. There was water flowing, so the kids could splash in the little stream. It was quiet. All you could hear was the wind in the trees, and kids squealing with delight. We ate hamburgers and hot dogs, chips and watermelon. The kids played and splashed. They sketched trees and looked up woodland creatures in their nature guide book. Dad even cat-napped on the blanket. It was lovely.

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