Monday, January 16, 2012

How is it going?

Well, I posted about my New Year's Resolutions a week or more ago. How is it going? Hmm......

1. Wake up earlier: I have been waking up earlier. Usually between 6 and 6:30. I am finding my day starts so much better when I am awake before the kids and dressed for the day.
2. Go to bed earlier: I have been doing better with this. There have been a few nights where I was up past ten, which to some of you is still early, but for me...not so much.
3. Planning meals: yes, I have been doing better with that, and so has my spending at the grocery store! I seriously spend less money at the store when I plan my meals out two weeks and go shopping every two weeks. I sometimes go mid week for milk or fresh fruit. But I feel less stressed in the morning because I already know what I am making.
4. Go for walks a few times a week: yeah, not so much. Need to work on this one.
5. Drink more water: same answer as above! :)
6. Not to raise my voice: I have been trying to do better. There were a few times in the last week where I lost my cool, but I apologized and we moved on. Thank goodness kids are so forgiving!
7. Blog more consistently: Haha!!!!!
8. Take more pictures: again, I am trying not to laugh. I think I picked up the camera once since then. And it was to take a picture of this:

Yes, he's riding the vacuum. After this picture he proceeded to stand on the vacuum and climb up onto a chair. I caught him this morning on the table. I have a monkey in the house now.
9. Put money into savings more consistently: I have put some in, but it's only January. I will check back in a few months on this one.
10. Give more: same as above.
11. Email, call, write letters to family more: I thought I would make Friday my letter writing day. But I have been back-logged with paperwork for year end stuff, and getting ready for taxes, that I haven't done this. I did write a letter last night to our girl, Sarah, we are sponsoring through Amazima.
12. PRAY more: This is a never-ending one. I could always pray more.
13. Laugh more: oh, I feel as though there has been little to laugh about these past weeks, but I am trying!
14. Hug and kiss my kids more: a constant, never-ending process....
15. Date night: well, Saturday my hubby and I did go to Lowe's and talk windows and cabinets without kids. Does that count? And tomorrow night we are going to a bank dinner, where beforehand we will sign our life away and buy some more land, oh and they will feed us. Does that count?

So there has been some progress made. Habits take time to form, and we are only in January. I am hoping to press on and keep plugging away, clinging to the grace of an all merciful God.

On a side note, we went to Lowes, and I just can't figure out why when given two choices, I always pick the most expensive. Really.

I've noticed lots of people picking a word for the year. I've been thinking of this, and I believe that my word for the year 2012 is, RESTORE. Not only are we RESTORING a house this year, but I am also hoping and believing this will be the year for RESTORATION in relationships.  I have some that need some mending, and I know I have friends and family who need some RESTORATION. So that is what I am praying for.

How are you resolutions going?

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