Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011

This year Christmas was extra special because my sister, Ashlea, came and spent two weeks with us. We made lots of good food, cut snowflakes out, smeared glitter all over the place, decorated a gingerbread house, and saw the Nutcracker ballet. Here are a few photos....

We made lots of good food. Here the girls are helping Ash cut out sugar cookies. We made sugar cookies, whoopie pies, peanut butter temptations, doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, brownies, and french bread. We kinda like our carbs around here! 

On Christmas Eve we let the kids open one gift.....

Snowflake pajamas!!!! You can see how excited they were! And then off to bed they went to wait for Christmas morning.....

One of the gifts was lincoln logs. The girls were having hard time keeping this guy up here from destroying their work. He's a rough boy. But he did like the barn daddy built for his tractor! And then we went sledding. The first time ever for the girls, and it had been quite a few years for Nate and Ashlea. I didn't sled. For obvious reasons!!!

The view up the mountain to the snow

Rustler Park


Landon & Larissa

He wasn't too happy!

Ash & Larissa heading up the hill

Here they come!

Fun times!

Dad and the girls on the scout

We had a great end to 2011, and are looking forward to 2012. Thanks for stopping by!

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