Saturday, June 18, 2011

How we beat the heat

It is really starting to get hot around here. We had a cooler then normal spring, but summer is here! We are in the high 90s and it is so very dry. We are looking forward to monsoon season. And we are definitely praying for a good one. We need the rain. Everywhere. But especially where the wildfires are. The kids and I took a fun trip to Walmart the other day and picked up a pool. This is how the kids stay cool....
Sisters playing with their mermaids.

I had so much fun picking out a BOY swimsuit. First time. Ever! And don't you love Huckleberry Pie's rolls? I just want to squeeze them!!

Gingersnap playing with her mermaid

Huck was the last out of the pool. He had so much fun, purple lips and all!

Having a giveaway is so much fun, that I have decided to do it again. My next post will be number 100! In celebration of that fact, I am going to have another giveaway. But I am partnering with my sister. I am going to give away something from her! Here is the link to her blog so you can have a glimpse of the stuff she's been working
She has some super cool stuff over there! Hope you are off to a great summer!

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