Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, whether you are a father of biological children, adoptive children, or spiritual children, you ARE a blessing! I was looking through a poetry book this morning and found this poem and wanted to share it here. This is special to me because I grew up being a farmer's daughter. I married a farmer. And my father-in-law is a farmer. You could say farming is a natural way of life around here. It's hard work, but is also rewarding. To take dirt and make something grow out of it. So this is for my dad, my dad in law and my own man, Happy Father's Day!!

by Frances Frost

My father's face is brown with sun,
His body is tall and limber.
His hands are gentlewith beast or child
And strong as hardwood timber.

My father's eyes are the colors of sky,
Clear blue or gray as rain:
They change with the swinging change of days
While he watches the weather vane.

That galleon, golden upon our barn,
Veers with the world's four winds.
My father, his eyes on the vane, knows when
To fill our barley bins,

To stack our wood and pile our mows
With redtop and sweet tossed clover.
He captains our farm that rides the winds,
A keen-eyed brown earth-lover.

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the joyful potter said...

Oh, Laura, I love that! "A keen-eyed brown earth-lover" - gives me goosebumps. Thanks for sharing!!