Friday, June 10, 2011

Has it already been three weeks?

Has it already been three weeks since I last posted? And that last post was sharing a video, not any thought provoking, mind blowing, epiphany....oh, wait, we are talking about me. That doesn't happen too often anyway! After this week, I am lucky to still remember my name.
I wanted to share some pictures of our weekend trip. Me, the four kids, and my brave mother-in-law, ventured up to Page, Arizona, to visit my sister in law, husband and their four kids. Our kids are born close to each other, and so everyone has a playmate almost the same age. The kids had so much fun. Here are some photos......
Alaina & Jennah playing with sidewalk paint. I have seen it in the stores but have never seen it in action. It's pretty neat stuff.

Kailey riding her bike

Kailey, Devin, & Larissa

Landon, doing one of his favorite things....


My big boy. He is now ten months old (sniff, sniff) He's graduated from taking a bath in the kitchen sink to the bathtub. Where does the time go?

We celebrated Kailey's birthday. My sister in law is so cool and baked individual cakes for the kids to decorate.





Charlotte....doesn't she look like she's doing an advertisement?

Pinata time!

Swing batter, batter!

My girls have always been afraid to do this, so it was nice to see them cut loose and try it

grabbing the spoils

and the kit kats and reeses pieces all belong to "Aunt Laura!"
   I had to run into Willcox the other day and decided to stop in at the Rustic Rooster. I haven't been in there since I decorated Landon's room. About a year. I figured I was due a visit. Well, she has some super cute aprons in there. I picked this one up. I thought it was adorable. And I am thinking I might give it away! If you would be interested in winning this apron, please leave a comment. I will then take the total number of comments and go to the random number website thing (?) and have them pick a number.  But you have to leave a comment on the blog. Facebook doesn't count.  Isn't it cute?

This is a close up of the pocket. It's sideways. I guess blogger couldn't tell which way it should go. I thought it was cute and vintagy.  I will pick the winner on Monday. Good luck! And have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

well I guess I am the first to comment!!! Does that count for anything?????? hahaha! loved the new pictures - and I have to agree - your sister in law is super cool - making all those individual cakes for everyone!!! Love ya - Rachel W.

Anonymous said...

What? I want an apron! And tell Landon to stop getting so huge!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I will leave a comment! It is a very cute apron! Really enjoy reading your blogs, you are such a good writer. Wish I could write like you!

the joyful potter said...

:o) I'll bite - that's a cute apron! I'm not a big apron-wearer but I should be - I'm always wiping my hands on my jeans!

the joyful potter said...

Yay!! It came - and it's even cuter in "person"! :o) Thank you soooo much, Laura!