Saturday, March 19, 2011

Growin' and Greenin' up

Just thought I'd share some pictures of how things are growing around here. I love spring. It doesn't last very long here in the desert. I love watching the ground wake up after winter. We had a pretty cold winter, and a very dry winter.
The guys finished planting barley and oats a couple of weeks ago, and now things are starting to turn green.

Theses pictures are of the barley fields near our house.  Aren't the  mountains awesome in the background?
Our peach trees are loaded with blooms this year. Hopefully we'll get some peaches!

 Our trees are starting to leaf out and our grass is starting to grow! I can push our hammock back under here and enjoy the shade and breeze for a little while  before it gets really hot.

And here is one of my rosebushes, starting to leaf out. I can't wait for roses and their sweet smells. I am looking forward to watching the crops grow from our porch, and smelling the alfalfa after it's cut and baled. That's what's growing around here!

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