Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring pictures

While my sister was here (notice the past tense.....sigh), we had a  little mini photo shoot with the kiddos. Here are a few of the pictures....
As you can tell, we had one who was being a bit standoffish....until I bribed the said culprit with some chocolate. I speak her language.

My baby girl, Charlotte, who, by the way, will be four next week!

My oldest, Larissa, who will be turning seven at the end of the month. Looking back at these photos, made me realize how much she is growing up into a young girl....
My middle girl, Alaina, who is five. The sun really bothers her eyes, so that's why she is squinting in some of the pictures. My super imaginative one..

And the baby of the house, little Landon Ray. He will be eight months next week. And he is officially on the move. Much to his sisters chagrin! And my delight.....(I've been warning them!!)

Typical Charlotte....need I say more?

"Get me away from all these girls, mom!!"

I love twirly skirts and cowboy boots... friends

I just love to squeeze him......
These are just a few of the pictures my sister got of the kids. She does such a great job. And is very patient, which when dealing with kids, is an absolute must. Alyssa and my brother left for their LONG drive back to Pennsylvania last Monday. It's 36 hours. A.long.time. An e t e r n i t y with children. Not really, but you get the picture.
So this week I have been finding a new routine. And realizing just how much help she had been to me. I've been falling into bed every night totally exhausted. And missing the company during the day. One of the most challenging things is to find a new order of doing things for school. With my sister here, it was easy peasy. She worked with one and I worked with the other. Now I am trying to figure out how to juggle two at the same time. It will come together. Sometime. Until then, I just keep truckin' along!


Jeane` said...

I feel your exhaustion!!! (Although I can't imagine schooling on top of everything else, even though I think it wonderful that you do!). I am on day 3 of a four day stretch without my husband. The cold I've developed has pretty much left me without a voice...and that has presented it's challenges with 5 little ones under age 4!! HOWEVER, I have it made in the shade compared to those military mom's who do this all the time (that's what I keep telling myself. That, and my other mantra: "Keep Calm and Carry On".

Keep on truckin' my friend!!
(By the way, your children are absolutely beautiful!!!).

Laura said...

Thanks Jeane! I have been following your blog for a little while, and I find you inspiring. 5 little ones under four is a lot of work now, but as they get older and become more independent and have each other as best friends, it's so worth it. I had three in under three years and felt like I was drowning some days, but now, it's a lot easier. I have military moms as friends too, and their strength and steadfastness, never cease to amaze me. Your four days are almost done...hang in there! :)

Rachel Kathryn said...

Your children are just beautiful, Laura! These pics are fabulous, and you will treasure them forever. :)

Laura said...

Thanks Rachel! I've enjoyed seeing your pictures of your recent trip. What a great opportunity! And how adventurous you are, traveling with a little one for that long of a flight! :)