Saturday, March 12, 2011

Field Trip

Last Tuesday we took the girls to the Children's Museum in Tucson. It was a first time experience for all of us. I think the girls liked it....
Look out, Charlotte the Cop is on the prowl...
with her trusty sidekick, Larissa, who will blind you with her smile, while Charlotte is snapping handcuffs on you!
The firetruck was lots of fun.
All of our little firefighters
Landon had some fun in the rainforest room. It was especially for little ones.
Aunt Lys and Landon
Alaina checking out some animal X-rays in the vet's office
Our non-animal lover really enjoyed the vet room
And of course, the doctor's office! They loved taking care of some babies!
And finally, Alaina warmed up enough to hop onto the motorcycle!
There were lots of other rooms as well. The girls liked the sea room, the music room, and the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs were neat because they would move. When we first went in, the girls were afraid, but then begged to go back and see them again. Fun field trip.....

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Jeane` said...

Your girls are so adorable...and from all appearances were enjoying a fun day provided by a fun mama!!!