Tuesday, June 8, 2010

UPS delivery

This arrived by the UPS man today. Yes, this is my pool that I will hopefully be delivering our baby in, in about 7 weeks (or less.....I can be optimistic, right?) The girls can't wait for it to be blown up for their use. But I get it first! :) This is how I cope with my contractions and labor pains. I'd sit in the tub for the whole thing if I wouldn't drain all my energy from the heat. And sitting in the tub too long can actually stall or slow your labor down sometimes, too. So I try to wait as long as I can. Usually just before my pushing phase. Two out of our three are water babies. Alaina I couldn't have in the water because I waited to long to call my midwife, and she actually had to talk my husband through delivery! She arrived twenty minutes after Alaina was born! But in a water birth there extra things that you have to be careful of. For instance, it's very important that when pushing the baby out, that baby comes out in the water, so he or she doesn't take a breath. If they take a breath of air, then they could drown. But as long as they emerge in the water, it's just like the home they've been living in the last nine months. So that is why we couldn't have Alaina in the water. This past Saturday night, the excitement in the Zuck household consisted of watching my belly move all around as the baby was getting his exercise. It's so funny to watch the girls take in this whole baby thing. The other day, I mentioned that what I eat, the baby eats as well. So now at every meal Alaina likes to announce that the baby is eating what mommy's eating. Which then caused her to ask me if the baby poops and pees inside of me. I started to try and explain to here how that works, but then just told her that mommy's body takes care of all that. And then Saturday night, Larissa asked me where the baby was going to come out of...to be exact she asked if it was going to come out my behind. I knew this question would come, but it was just so hilarious. I told her no, and that we would talk about it later when she was older.  Oh, the innocence of children. It is so refreshing.  I am looking forward to meeting this little person. We are still undecided on a name, and the girls love to change their minds each day. We do have it down to two. And I am in the process of working on the baby's room. I will post pictures once it's complete.

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Anonymous said...

It's fun to see the traces of your grandparents genes on your kids' faces.
Great blog.
We're headed for your childhood home area in a few weeks to celebrate my husband's 80th.
Dona B.