Thursday, June 17, 2010

The baby's room!

Here are some photos of the baby's room. It is pretty much finished. I have some vinyl lettering I want to apply above the bed in the room, and perhaps a picture frame. But this is the majority of it.

This is the outfit I think our little one will wear when he's born.

This is my changing table. I got those canvas bins at Target, and I LOVE them.

The crib where our little one will sleep. The Moses basket is what he'll sleep in when he's in our room.

My nursing station. :) Right now I am kind of looking forward to those feedings, of course, I may feel differently two months from now! :)

A little sign I found at the Rustic Rooster in Willcox. It says, "God, please tell Mom cowboys don't take baths", I thought it was pretty cute, and the little straw hat is what my husband wore as a child. I would like for Nate to eventually make me some hooks out of horseshoes to hang beneath this for our boy to hang up his bath towel and clothes.

All the little clothes we have, waiting to be worn. I just can't believe we actually have blue!

And he totally won't be able to wear these for several months, but I LOVE them and can't wait for him to be toddling around in them. I can't wait to dress him just like his daddy in little wranglers and snap shirts.
And since I was showing the baby's room, I thought I'd throw in some pictures of the girls room that we redid this winter. It's pretty much done except for trimming out the closet.

The picture is taken courtesy of my sister, Alyssa. You can check out her other AWESOME pictures here

Some of the cross-stitch I've done for the girls with their names and date of birth and weight. Seems like a long time ago I labored over these. Needlework isn't my specialty!

The dresser I refinished, which we bought from Nate's grandma Zuck's sale. It turned out really nice.

The bunk bed our girls sleep in. Usually Larissa up top and Alaina and Charlotte down below. My sisters used to sleep in this when they were young. It's funny how quickly life comes around full circle. The pink color on the walls was actually quite difficult to paint. I think I painted three coats. But I am pleased with how it turned out and the girls now have their own "pink" room.  Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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Landis said...

Looks awesome Laura! I love the cowboy theme - can't wait to see the little prince charming soon!