Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Here is a little of our Easter 2010.
Our girls by the peach tree, Palm Sunday

I just had to include this one. As you can see, Charlotte looks anything but pleased. She did this to me Palm Sunday, and Easter Sunday. I guess there has to be one in every crowd.

Alaina, me, Larissa, and Charlotte. I don't get too many pictures of me and the girls because I am usually the one operating the camera. Nate gave me a hand this morning.

Daddy and his girls. My poor man was raised in a family with three older sisters, and now he has three little girls. He is learning to embrace and deal with the need for twirl skirts and lots of pink in the house!

Larissa likes to take pictures, so we obliged her this morning. Besides, it's rare I get a picture with my girls, it's even more rare to get one with my husband! Here's to over 7 years together!

I just love this picture. See, they really do love each other most of the time. I guess I should frame and hang this one in their room, so they can be reminded of that when they are fighting with each other!

Here is my brown-eyed girl yet again, a.k.a. the "party pooper". What is up with this face? All I can say is, it must be tough being almost three!

 The Zuck and Paris cousins after hunting for eggs
down at Grandma Zuck's house.

Praise the Lord, there is a smile in there somewhere!

Uh oh, she's back! This is Easter morning.

Nate and I, Easter morning.

Well, this was our Easter in a nutshell. We had lots of fun painting eggs Friday night, and  then hunting them at Grandma's on Saturday. We also celebrated Charlotte's birthday early since the family was together. She turns three this coming week! I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone. I thought I would leave you with one more picture......
He is risen! He is risen indeed!
I think that's a good reason to be joyful, don't you?


ashleanoelle said...

wow. it's official. charlotte does take after me. visions of pictures of our family doing one of those "old time" pictures and me, completely angry with my head down and tears in all the pictures. here's to hoping it's only a phase!

Laura said...

As soon as you said that, I could picture that exact photo! :) I think it's a phase. She totally turns it off and on!