Sunday, March 28, 2010

Living the Resurrected Life

I had the priviledge of going to see Beth Moore in Tucson this past Friday and Saturday. Her theme for the weekend was Living the Resurrected Life. The text was I Corinthians 15, the whole chapter. She had six points, which I will number and then some of them I may go off into further detail.
Because of Christ's Glorious Resurrection
1. By grace, we are what we are.
2. The tomb ALONE is empty.
    Because the tomb is empty, our lives are NOT empty. Anything we experience in this life is for a greater purpose. It is NEVER for nothing.
3. All is proceeding as planned.
    God is a God of perfect order. And He is perfectly creative. And according to II Corinthians 5:16-18, WE are the new creation until Christ returns and makes a new world. We are to show the hope of what is to come. As long as we think like the old person, we will act like the old person. Through the power of the resurrection, we have no excuse to stay in our bondage.
YOU were meant to be profoundly and powerfully free in the resurrection power.
4. Stone-rolling power is ours for the victory
    When we don't understand the how, we don't believe He will.
5. We get to be part of a mystery
6. We'll cheer that death is history
I have to say that one of my favorite things she talked about this weekend, was in the beginning of the chapter where Paul is laying out why we can believe that the resurrection is true, and he lists all the eyewitnesses who saw Jesus after He rose from the dead. As Paul goes through the list, he says Peter and James separately. Now, this is something I never noticed before, but nowhere in Scripture does it talk about these two meetings Jesus had, one with Peter and one with James, except here in I Corinthians. They were personal and private. She goes on to say, that Jesus, in His tenderness, met with Peter alone before He showed Himself to the rest of the disciples in a group, because He knew how ashamed Peter would feel in front of everyone else because of the way he had denied Christ before Christ was crucified. And also with James. James was the half brother of Jesus, and did not believe that Jesus was God's Son, when Jesus was crucified. But Jesus, again, in His great love and mercy, showed Himself to James privately, and their relationship was restored, and James goes on to be in charge of the church in Jerusalem, and when he writes the epistle of James, calls himself a servant of Christ Jesus. What I love about this, is the availability, the desire Christ has to meet us in private, where we are. This just really touched my heart in a deep way. That if anyone is unapproachable in my relationship with God, it's me. All me. He is just waiting for me to soften my heart and let Him in.
The praise and worship was awesome. I just can't say enough about Travis Cottrell and the rest of the men and women who work with him. They are so talented and anointed.
Coming home from something like this is always hard. You feel like you have been given all this information and it takes me a couple hours, usually at least a day, to kind of decompress all the information, let it sink in and figure out how to apply it to my life. And I don't want it to just become a distant memory, I want it to stay active and be present in my life at all times.
I am so thankful that I was able to go. It was great to be able to get away for a night, and receive some good teaching, and the chance to focus on worship admist all the distractions in this life.


Troyerfam said...

Hi Laura,
Beth Moore is wonderful! She is from Houston and is doing a retaping of one of her biblestudies. So I get to see her once a week at a megachurch here. We are studying the life of David. I'm glad that you were able to get away and go to the conference:)
Hannah Troyer

Laura said...

Hannah! I can't believe you get to do that! That is awesome! I have done quite a few of them, usually just from the privacy of my living room, since we are fairly rural. It was so nice to get around other adult women! Us moms just need that sometime.