Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Long time

Wow! I realized that my last blog was written almost five months ago! That's a long time. Not that there hasn't been anything to write about, I guess just taking the time is difficult. And even right now, I don't have anything really profound to write about, but thought maybe I'd just share some random thoughts. My husband is going to be trucking the rest of June and it's not something I particularly love. I usually have to take a Tylenol pm at night before I go to bed and then read until the words are running together and I fall asleep. He usually leaves the night before and I have a really hard time falling asleep when he isn't here. I have an overactive imagination and so every little noise I hear causes me to lay awake for hours and dream up all kinds of possibilities for the noises. And this of course gets my heart racing and I lay stiff in fear of what might be out there. Ridiculous, isn't it? I'm not a kid, I mean, I did turn 30 this year. Oh yeah, I had my thirtieth birthday. When the day finally arrived it wasn't as traumatic as I thought. Now, the weeks before it were. I hated the idea of turning thirty and heading into a new decade. I had a lot of fun in my twenties. I got married, had kids, moved to Arizona, did some traveling...not all in that order! :0 ) But I am noticing more gray hairs. I guess I need to start highlighting regularly! And I need to start putting on my Mary Kay eye firming cream to try to keep my wrinkles at bay. You know, trying to stay young can be so expensive!
Oh, yes, back to Nate trucking.....well, with my man gone in the evenings a lot right now, it's also made me realize how much I miss my sisters. I really wish they would consider a career change and move out here to me! I think about how fun it would be in the evenings if they were here and we could watch a movie together. I absolutely love watching movies with my sisters because they see humor in things I never would of thought of. Watching a movie commentated by them is truly an experience worth having. And just the silliness and the teasing....but I do get plenty of silliness with my own three girls. Unfortunately I don't always think it's funny. Like on Monday. I was cleaning my bathrooms and the girls were outside playing. Now with my kids, if there is mud outside within two hundred feet of the house, they have this built in homing device that directs them to the mud. Mostly Alaina and Charlotte. So I just finished cleaning their bathroom when Alaina bursts in and announces that she needs to wash her hands. I look up and her hands are CAKED in mud. And her shoes. And then Charlotte is on the scene, hands, feet, legs, arms all caked in mud. How do they know? I mean, does the thought go through their mind that, hey mom is cleaning our bathroom, lets go out and get totally dirty and undo everything she's done. Sometimes, I seriously think so. Like the quote says, " A mother's job is never done....."(dramatic sigh).
Well, I guess I don't really have much more to say. I just started drinking my first cup of coffee and so now my mind should stop running in all random directions.....should, but it doesn't always happen!

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Musings of a Seeker said...

Hey sister! I miss you too! I wish I could snuggle up in the evenings and watch a good ol' movie with you. Who knows... maybe one day there will be a career change! Or maybe just an extended visit!! hehe. Only the good Lord knows. Thinking about you.