Thursday, May 23, 2013

Project Restoration Reveal Part 1

I realized the other day that we have been living in our house for almost five months now and I never showed any "finished" pictures. So here are a few of the living room, dining room, and kitchen....

dining room before
dining room after

living room/kitchen before

kitchen before

farmhouse sink...sigh...I love this thing. Perfect for washing babies in.

living room after

living room after (sign is made by my sister)

living room/hall after

So this is part of the redo. I will try to upload pictures of the kids bedrooms sometime in the next five months! (smile). And I do have a picture frame for Anne....I just haven't found it yet! :)

Someone also turned ONE over the My baby is growing up!!! And I think she kinda likes lemon cupcakes! :)

our sunshiny lemony girl!

She is growing so fast and it seems hard to believe that the patter of little hands and knees on the floor, and the pinching of my arm while she's nursing are coming to an end. Time is just slipping by and all I can do is slow down and try to take it in....

a few things I am thankful for....the gifts that never end....

* watching the sunset as a family
*kids pointing out the stars as they pop out in the night sky
*going around and naming what we are thankful for
*warm sundried clothes
*napping children
*keeping up with the laundry
*girls going running with their mom (grin)
*lemon cupcakes
*Turkey Hill Raspberry Tea & Peach Tea (yes! even in Arizona)
*ballet recital
*baler in the morning
*roses in ironstone pitcher
*kiss goodnight
*catching up on office work

....and the list goes on......

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