Monday, March 11, 2013

the newest member of the family....

Meet the newest member of our family.....

This is Autumn. She is a pony that a friend of ours blessed us with. The kids are beyond over the moon. She receives lots of attention...brushing, petting, feeding, and leading around the pen. This is a total learning experience for us. The kids seem really into it right now, and I hope it will continue.

Here is our little almost ten month old....eating corn and mashed potatoes!

She is growing so fast and is so much fun. She is trying to crawl. She inches around like a worm. She babbles at you and looks at you like you should know exactly what she just said. It's so sweet.

Yesterday I took a Sunday afternoon walk up the cemetery up the road from our house. I haven't been up there yet. It might sound a little crazy, but I enjoy walking around the cemetery reading the stones, imagining the lives and stories buried there. There were quite a few little ones resting there. It makes my heart tender to think of the sorrow of those parents, and to imagine how that would feel. How could you even try to memorialize your child in so few words?

We had a winter storm over the weekend. I caught the sunset Friday night. It was breathtaking....

With the wide open spaces and the mountains in the background, God has a huge canvas to paint our evening sunsets and sunrises on. I am so thankful to be able to witness it.

That was our weekend in a nutshell.....hopefully off to a good week!!

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