Saturday, March 16, 2013


My heart feels happy just writing the title to this blog post....spring. I love spring. It's a very brief season here in Arizona, but so lovely while it lasts! Here is a picture I got tonight at sunset...the view out my back door...

The fields are starting to really green up, there's grass poking up in random places in the yard, and the flannels have come off the beds and light cotton sheets have taken their place. I washed all the kids sheets, even their comforters today and they will get to crawl into a sweet smelling bed tonight...I love clean sheets day!
It's been warm here the last week. We have been in the low to mid 80s almost all week. It has been so nice to go outside in short sleeves. The freckles are popping out across the bridges of noses around here...including mine! The girls have been helping dad nozzle pivots and working on their tans.  Anne's been out in her walker on the back porch scooting around. She's growing way too she should with the way she enjoys eating....

Spring always fill me with hope for the coming year. After a winter of brown, windy, desertyness (I think I might have made up a word), it's refreshing to see green fields springing up and warm spring breezes.  I can't wait to hang laundry out on the line and smell the sunshine. It also means that bath night will be occuring on a regular basis (nightly) and there will be a ring around the tub for the next several months. (grin) But at least they are outside and not parked in front of the television.
I hope you are enjoying springtime as well!

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