Saturday, August 18, 2012

And the boy turns TWO!

Earlier this month, August 5th to be exact, our lone boy in the bunch turned the big TWO! Time is just a flyin' by! I did manage to get a few photos to memorialize the day....

Tools! He was so excited to have his own hammer and drill and measuring tape....instead of trying to sneak off with daddy's!

Lighting the candles.....

Getting too excited and blowing out the one before we were done singing!

Lets try again!

He did it! Be still my heart, how his smile melts me!
Landon is two. Already. What a bundle of fun he is! He is very hardheaded, literally and figuratively. He can do a pretty good headbutt. He can also be VERY stubborn. But, according to Dr. Dobson, that means he will be a leader in the future.....right?!?!?! He's very quick to help. I love the way he leans down or squats and watches everything you do so as soon as you turn your back, he can do it himself.  When Landon's in trouble he will come over and hug you and say "sorry." And when he asks you something, he usually ends it with "K?" 
We love you so much Landon Boy, and are so glad you are a part of our family!!!!

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