Friday, May 4, 2012

Birthdays, Houses & Babies

It's been a while since I have been on here. Life has been moving pretty fast lately. There haven't been too many weeks where we didn't have anything going on. April is a busy month for us because we have two birthdays. Charlotte is the beginning and Larissa is at the end. Nate's birthday is the first of May. So there's lots of celebrating going on here in the spring! Here is some pictures of the birthday girls.....

We don't do birthday parties every year, where they invite friends over. Charlotte turned five, so she got to have a birthday party, and the next one will be when they turn ten. Which, in Larissa's case, will be in two more years! So we celebrated her birthday with Grandpa and Grandma.

The house is coming along. We had some great help a couple weekends ago, and got the shingles off the roof. The addition is done, and the guys have been working on the carport, back porch roof and front porch roof. They are pretty much done with that as well. Hopefully we'll get to order the steel soon for the roof!

Here is our front porch! I can't wait to put a rocking chair out here and rock our little baby!

This is our addition. This will be our bedroom, bathroom & closet.

Back porch. It now goes all the way over to the carport, so we will have a nice covered area back here. 

Carport. We are looking forward to having a semi protected area to park our vehicles. 
As you can tell, it was ballet night when we stopped for pictures! I am nearing 39 weeks now. Hopefully not too much longer. I have been having contractions and when I went for my checkup this week, my midwife checked position of baby, and baby has dropped down and is "engaged", meaning her head has dropped down into the birth canal and can't be moved out. So that is good! I feel a lot of pressure and can feel her shoulders pushing down on my bones. It's getting harder to get up off the sofa or a chair! :) I am praying that baby comes soon. This is the closest my ultrasound due date and my calendar due have ever been. Two days apart, so I am hoping this means I won't be going too much over.

Nate has been busy with cutting hay, baling hay, and basically, all matters of hay! I have been trying to be diligent in getting as much school in as possible before baby comes. I should also be freezing meals and doing some extra cleaning, but until I get lunch over and cleaned up, I am worn out.

But we are all ready for baby. I have my pool, my birthing kit, and all her clothes are washed and hanging in Landon's closet for her. We are looking forward to meeting Anne Noelle. Hopefully sooner then later!

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