Wednesday, November 16, 2011


A Daybook for Wednesday, November 16, 2011......

Outside my window......the sun has just made its appearance over the eastern mountains, splashing light into the valley below.

I am thinking......of all I want to get done today after two days of running around, of how good it will be to go to bible study this morning and see ladies I haven't seen in a while.

I am thankful, strength, fallish winter sunrises and sunsets, cold evenings, warm house, snuggly little ones

From the learning room.....we are done with Class day. It was a great experience, but I am looking forward to having my Mondays back. The girls are enjoying the story of The Little Duke.

From the kitchen....I am going to be making one of my favorite cookies this week for a cookie exchange. Temptations, peanut butter cups in the center! Yummmmmyy!

I am reading.....the Anne of Green Gables series. All of them. There are nine or so books. I reread them every winter. And I am looking at lots of home magazines for inspiration for our next big project.....

I am hoping......for love, joy and peace, through this coming holiday season. I am hoping for unity in family and good fellowship as we all come together. I am hoping for wisdom and discernment in the coming year. I am hoping for a strong and healthy bundle of joy in May. :)

I am hearing.....the dryer in the background, my computer keys as I write this, my baby boy entertaining himself, sleepy girls awaking to the day.

Around the house.....dusting, dusting, dusting! And laundry! And baking, and floors need washing!

One of my favorite things.....drinking coffee in the stillness of the morning, before the sun if up, before the children are up, reading my one year bible plan.

A few plans for the rest of the week.....catching up on all the housework, schoolwork, and baking!

And here are more things I am thankful for this week.....

241. rustling of the leaves
242. delighted squeals of the girls on the playset
243. trimming back flowers for the winter
244. roar of the combine
245. lights on at night to welcome us home
246. little girls in ballet outfits
247. arms reaching for me
248. finding new recipes
249. our little part of earth preparing for winter
250. girls collecting leftover pinto beans from the field
251. bright red geraniums
252. peach encrusted boy
253. flannel sheets
254. cooking breakfast together
255. snow on the mountains
256. cold, windy days
257. cozy blankets
258. reading the "Anne" series again
259. shopping for Christmas gifts
260. Operation Christmas Child

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