Friday, November 5, 2010

field trip

Before I share pictures of our field trip to the Chiricahua Monument from this past Sunday, somebody is turning three months old today!!!
I must say that with each baby I am enjoying this stage so much more. I guess because I realize now how quickly they move from this sweet cuddly, helpless stage into a mobile, independent little person. I just can't get over his smiles and how much he LOVES his sisters. Even when they give him NO personal space. He just smiles and laughs. I wish I could react to life that way.....
AnYwAy, here are some pics from our recent trip to the Monument

The girls has a blast climbing up the rocks and looking at the view. During harvest, Nate is so busy that it's hard to find any time to carve out as a family. Last week he spent a lot of time in the tractor, working ground so he can plant oats before we leave for Christmas, which by the way is a month from now! So he is working extra hard. One night he stayed out and disked the entire night. So we stayed home from church last Sunday and spent it as a family.  We had homemade burgers and french fries, and then packed up the kids and headed to the Monument. We spent a few hours up there, climbing rocks and admiring God's creativity. Some of the rock structures are just amazing. It was the first time the girls were up there. Next time we might try camping up there.....yeah, I'll let you know how that turns out! :)

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