Monday, February 24, 2014

It begins

So we have started our trip to Haiti. Honestly, I have never felt let such conflicting emotions about a trip. It has felt so....opposed. Which I guess shouldn't surprise me. Anytime God desires to stretch and take us to new places, or use us to bring Him glory, there will be opposition. 

I ended last week feeling excited for the trip coming up, but over the weekend I started getting a head cold. And then the thought of laundry, cleaning, packing and organizing suddenly felt very overwhelming. Nate came down with the same cold. We got up Tuesday morning and just felt completely exhausted and drained. Nate mentioned he didn't know how we were going to get this done. But we determined that nothing was going to steal our joy.

So Tuesday evening we left and drove throughout the night. We stopped Tuesday afternoon and spent the evening with family in Louisiana. Now we are headed to Florida. We should at least make it to Tallahassee tonight. Tomorrow we will finish up. Sunday we fly out of Miami for Haiti. 

In order to help us prepare for our trip, Compassion sent us a sponsor guide. It details what we need to pack, how to pack, what we will be doing and seeing, as well as the specific area we are going to. There is also a place for journaling with questions to get you thinking. The first question is what does it mean to have compassion? I guess when I think about a compassionate person I think of someone who not only sympathizes, but empathizes. They are kind and loving. They will help a person in every aspect: emotionally, physically and spiritually. The next question is how would you define poverty? Not too long ago I would describe poverty as being poor. Maybe not having a "livable" house, no food, education or job. I would have focused more on the physical environment. But after doing some reading and "growing up", I would say you could have all the amenities in the world and still be poor. Your spirit can be impoverished. And that is the poverty that is so dangerous. 

So as we near Florida and our coming trip, my heart feels excited and nervous. I can't wait to go.

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