Sunday, September 9, 2012

I read a book this summer called 7. It's by Jen Hatmaker, and if you are looking for a good read, you should pick it up. There were times I laughed out loud because she is just so real....there is nothing put on with her. So I would be laughing one second and feeling seriously convicted the next. Anyway, the gist of the book is her going for seven months fasting different things. To give you an idea, the first month she fasted food. She only allowed herself to eat 7 foods for an entire month, not including water.  She wanted to get a small idea of how most of the world lives. Although most of the world might not even have 7 options to eat.  The next month she fasted clothing. She could  only wear 7 pieces of clothing, not including under clothing (grin). Each month there is something new that she fasts from. The last month was stress. The focus was on rest and prayer. One area she focused on was the Sabbath. They observed the Sabbath from Saturday evening until Sunday evening. I was challenged on this particular one because I can honestly say we don't observe the Sabbath. Saturday nights are usually a zoo, trying to get 5 kids bathed and in bed on time so they can wake up for church Sunday morning. The morning can be a little hectic as we try to get seven people ready for church and out the door on time because we travel an hour and fifteen just to get to church. Sunday isn't usually a day of rest 'round here.
So, three weeks ago I decided I was going to try something different. Saturday night is pizza night around here, so I made pizza, set the table with nicer dishes, let the girls drink out of wine glasses, and I made challah bread. We broke bread, read Psalm 19 and prayed together before eating.....

It's been a special time that the kids look forward to now on Saturday nights. But lest you be misled, it's not always a happy go lucky family time. Last weekend I was grumbling and yelling at fighting kids while making supper. I felt pretty hypocritical when it came time to read Scripture and pray. But thankfully, He's forgiving!
Just wanted to share a little of what we've been doing around here. Have a great week!

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