Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The house and other news....

I have been wanting to sit down for a while and write, but life in March was super busy. It felt like most weeks we had something going on almost everyday. So, when I did have free time, I was either too tired or had things around the house to catch up on.

Front door
But the latest on the house is that the exterior doors are in!!! And they look great.
back door
The back door's interior matches the wood on the front door and the windows. We are a little concerned how they will hold up with the kids going in and out. Especially the back door. But they look beautiful. Tuesday, they poured the concrete slab for our addition.

The addition will be our bedroom and bathroom. They will start laying block next week, so it will really start looking different out front!

Sunday we ordered our cabinets, countertops and appliances for the kitchen. They should be here in about 4-6 weeks. Just in time for baby. The work on the roof will probably start sometime next week too.

We have a little girl who is turning five this Sunday. Easter Sunday. Hard to believe five years ago, Charlotte was born on Easter Sunday! So we had a little birthday party for her on Saturday for her friends.  I figure we had over 20 kids here for it. All 20 kids represented 6 families. I think they had fun.

These are the only two pictures I got from the party! The kids spent most of the time outside and when I called them in to open gifts, it was a mad house! Until I got in the room, I think everyone had helped Charlotte open the gift they had brought, and it was over! There were just bags and tissue paper strewn everywhere! :) But she had fun and that was the important thing. We will celebrate with the family this weekend.

As for baby, she is doing well. Although, Nate is still betting on a boy. Both he and I had dreams at different times that the baby was a boy. This was all before the ultrasound. The girls are still dead set on the baby being Anne Noelle. I just call the baby, "the baby" because I am not really sure. Ultrasounds can be wrong, although this one seemed pretty obvious. :)
I haven't been feeling too well lately. I have been having a lot of pain in my lower right back, and it shoots down my leg at times, which is probably baby resting its head on my nerve. Somedays I can hardly lift my leg to walk.
Plus, emotionally I get these moments of anxiety and fear. You would think after four babies, I would be feeling confident, but it's just the opposite. I am praying all the time for relief from these feelings, but sometimes it takes a while. I have even been awaken at night by them.
I am 34 weeks and usually I don't start feeling emotional until the last two weeks, so this is new to me. It's been hard to be a joyful mother and wife the last couple weeks. I must confess it will be nice to have this over and moving on to the next phase. At least I am closer to the end then the beginning!

Well, that's a little of what's been going on over here. Hopefully I will have some more pictures next week as the guys start laying block for the addition. Thanks for stopping by!

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