Friday, February 11, 2011

I love this girl

I love this girl. In case you don't know, this girl is my sister. She so graciously came back with us after Christmas, and has been staying with us, helping me out. Which, some days, I need a lot of help! Lord, have mercy! And I know this is no easy thing for her to do. She has great friends back in Pennsylvania, a life where everything is just fifteen minutes away, not thirty, or forty, or sixty, you get the picture.
   She spends a lot of time washing my dishes. If you've read any earlier posts, you will know that I don't have a dishwasher. Yet. But I am on a mission to run for one. Which, by the way, I accomplished my goal last Saturday. Problem is, I haven't been running since! I am going to try and remedy that tomorrow.
  Anyway, she washes lots of dishes. And vacuums, and plays never ending games of Uno and Memory. And helps rebellious nieces learn letters, write letters, and learn to read. And is company to a mom who some days feels like she is going to lose her mind!
   I know when she reads this post she is going to feel embarrassed, (because she's humble like that. In everything. Even the amazing pictures she takes, which, by the way, you can see here) but I just had to publicly state how much I appreciate her giving nature, and the fact that she was willing to give up a couple months of her time, to help a sister out.  I.Love.Her.
  And, in case my baby sister is feeling left out, I love her too. She's in Hawaii right now, learning all kinds of new and exciting things, preparing for a missions trip to Kosovo and Pakistan. (I always want to say Afghanistan, and then people look at me like I am crazy, and I realize I said the wrong country. But they are neighbors. And Afghanistan needs Jesus just as much as Pakistan. But it's Pakistan). And just in the way off chance my brother is reading this post, I love him too. There. That's a lot of sibling love going on.
   I will close this rambling post now. Goodbye.

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