Saturday, December 11, 2010

We made it!

Yes, we finally made it into Pennsylvania! We left Monday around ten in the morning, and made it to the farm Thursday evening around 8p.m. What a trip! The kids did so well. The girls hardly ever complained. When we first started, Alaina, would sigh dramatically and declare, "We are NEVER going to get to Pennsylvania!" To which we would laugh and say we only just got started! It takes three days to get to PA! But after the first day she pretty much got over the sighing and declaring. We ran through no precip except for some slight misting in Oklahoma and southern Kansas. In case you are wondering, yes, we did take a slight detour. My husband has itchy feet and wanted to look at some land in OK and KS. We also made a pit stop in Hesston, KS, where I have some family. We usually stop there as a resting place. There's nothing like a great home cooked meal, a woodstove, good coffee, great conversation and a clean house. Staying in hotels can get old....and expensive! So we spent Tuesday evening and Wednesday until after lunch with Merv and Betty Ann. Two of my favorite people. I went to college at Hesston College and they became surrogate parents to me since I was so far from home. And now  our kids are getting to know them and love them too.
Leaving Hesston we drove to Terre Haute, Indiana.  We got a hotel there and spent the night. The three girls shared a queen sized bed and Larissa fell out around 3 a.m.! So funny. She just hopped right up and got back in bed and went back to sleep. When we got up the next morning it was only 10 or 11 degrees! And Thursday we drove the rest of the way.
There is one who did not fare so well on this trip. Landon does NOT, I repeat, does NOT like his carseat. Not even a little. So I will just sum it up to say, I am glad we will not be taking any LONG trips while we are in here. He has two weeks to forget his terrible experience, and then he'll get to do it again!
I would have taken some pictures of this adventure, but my camera was packed somewhere deep in the suburban and still hasn't surfaced! But I need to find it because today is the first of many family get togethers. Until later......

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Lorena said...

Isaiah hates his carseat, too, with such a passion that it is hard to buckle or unbuckle him! Tylenol helps for longer car-rides (an hour to my parents), so I don't know if it's an ear problem or what. He has gotten a teeeeeeny bit better about it in the last month.....maybe. Hope Landon does well on the ride home!